About Us

Phoenix Project Mission

Ensuring freedom from all forms of domestic violence through empowerment, education, and community.

Phoenix Project Core Values:

  1. We respect the inherent dignity of each person with our commitment to an environment of honestly, trust, and safety which empowers and promotes personal growth.
  2. We will strive to reflect the strengths of the community through the building of collaborations, relationships, and partnerships.
  3. We seek and employ expertise in staff, volunteers, and all aspects of our programs.
  4. We hold ourselves accountable to clients, donors, and the community—beyond reproach, transparent, and open.
  5. We strive to provide stable, long-term solutions for our clients and the community.

Our History

Phoenix Project began providing services to those affected by domestic violence who are living in Front Royal/Warren County in May 2014. Services were made possible through a grant from the United Way Front Royal/Warren County. United Way Front Royal/Warren County continues to be our umbrella agency until the application for our own 501(c)3 is obtained.

Phoenix Project is a member of the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance. We currently are receiving funding through the Virginia Department of Social Services and plan to apply for accreditation in the near future.

We want to provide victims a safe, nonjudgmental, confidential place to tell their stories and explore their options. Our services are victim-centered, meaning that the victim guides the process. We want to empower victims so that they are able to live a life safe from abuse.

Offering Hope for New Beginnings

There is hope and help available for healing from a current or past unhealthy relationship. Our staff can work with you to provide information, resources, and support to help you on your journey to living a life free from abuse.
Hope never dies—let Phoenix Project help find it

Phoenix Project Board of Directors

Nancie Williams, President
Cory Michael, Past President
Jessica Cook, Vice-President
Lori Glascock, Treasurer
Keren Fried, Secretary / Treasurer
Bob Boulter
Tana Hoffman
Crystal Cline
Susan Hrbek
Butch Hammond

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 1747
Front Royal, VA 22630


Office 540-635-2302
Hotline: 540-635-2300
The hotline is answered 24/7