Handling Parenting Difficulties

Parenting is a hard job! When difficulties arise it’s often easy to lash out at your child. Here are twelve alternatives that can help you calm down before that happens:

  • Close your eyes and imagine you are hearing what your child is about to hear.
  • Take a brief walk or jog, if someone is available to watch the children.
  • Put the child in a time out. Remember, one minute per year of age.
  • Put yourself in time out. Think about why you are feeling angry.
  • Take a deep breath, and remember that you are the adult.
  • Press your lips together and count to twenty.
  • Take a hot bath or shower.
  • Splash water on your face.
  • Write down your feelings.
  • Phone a friend.
  • Turn on music.
  • Hug a pillow.
Safe From the Start
Raising a child is a full-time job, but well worth the effort!