Here’s what survivors have to say about services received at Phoenix Project from 2022 – 2023 survey’s collected.

What do you think you would have done if these services did not exist?

Stayed with him. Maybe died

Kept dealing w/ crap from ex with no help

I would have been confused and continued to be bullied and intimidated because I didn't understand the way that the court system worked.

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Stayed living in the hell that I was living in.

Continued with my addiction to deal with all of this

I would lose my mind

I would not have done anything but continue to live with the ahole that ran my life for over a decade.


I don't know if I would exist. My kids wouldn't have a mother anymore.

Stayed with him
Everyone always liked him and thought that I was crazy
He would have killed me

second guess myself. Listened to his lies and manipulation. I almost believed that I was actually crazy! I am not!

I don't know what I would have done. I am a mess. I wasn't in a good place to make sure that my children were being heard.

Most likely I would have continued to leave and go back, leave and go back. I didn't have the support that I needed or the resources or confidence to do anything before coming to the Phoenix Project.

Well, I would not have known a lot about other agencies or places that I could reach out for help

I have been so depressed, I would just keep being that way. I have felt so hopeless

I really had no other support. All my friends and family have pretty much told me if I didn't leave that they weren't going to part of my life. I would have stayed with him. I had no where else to go.

I am not sure. I wasn't getting any help with getting answers about the charges and who I needed to talk to about my case until I came here. I was lost and getting pretty upset that no one was helping me. It was like I wasn't even a victim.

I am not sure, I am grateful to be helped and pointed in the right direction for resources

Had to settle for the same BS that has been fed to me. I would have continued to have low self esteem and let him walk all over me and dictate every part of my life even though we are no longer together.

Stuck it out another 15+ yrs. Lost my mind. Lost me.

The top two responses to the survey question “Please describe any difficulties or concerns you have had with our services” overwhelmingly fell into two categories, which were:

  1. Greater financial assistance for rent/utilities, and
  2. Legal Services

…. and, we absolutely agree! Phoenix Project recognizes these as systemic deficiencies and continues to actively advocate on behalf of clients to meet those needs. Although it did not appear on these surveys as “difficulties or concerns,” Phoenix Project receives a large percentage of calls from survivors needing long-term shelter and would like to one day see a safe shelter option in our local community.

Please describe any positive experiences you have had with our services:

Always welcoming to listen

Everyone treated me with respect and made sure that I was safe

Court help has been exceptional. [Name] goes above and beyond to help.

They took the time to listen
They worked with my work schedule

I don't believe I have ever met anyone who understood what I was experiencing until I came to Phoenix. They were were [illegible], thoughtful, understood w/o judgment.

I always feel welcome. I am never told that they are too busy to see me or to answer questions.

Everyone is so caring and nice. They really listen

Lots of information.

Many resources

All of my experiences have been positive. Even on my worst days, I leave the agency with a smile and some hope. I feel so supported and I feel like I can do anything.

These ladies really know how to make sure that survivors are supported. Last minute stop ins for sanity check, last minute court dates having [Advocate 1] run here and there. In need of anything, these ladies really make an effort to let you know that you are important too.

I feel like my counselor really believed me and wanted to help me in any way that she could
I have always felt alone and that I couldn't follow through with protective orders
I did this time

My counselor listened and had a great sense of humor
She made me smile and laugh, it has been a while since I have been able to do that

They let me vent and say everything that I have been holding in for so long. I feel like I understand everything that has been happening is not my fault.

I appreciate all of the time that the counselor spent with me at the office and at court
Even last minute hearings, she dropped everything to come with me
I feel like I am not crazy anymore and I know that I can make it on my own

Court person knew her stuff. I was so prepared when I went to court. She made me feel safe and believed.

[specific staff member] really boosted my confidence. I feel like I don't have to be so afraid anymore with threats to take me to court. I'm glad that I came here. I learned so much.

I was able to talk through the issues I was having and found safety and validation. I'm not sure what I would have done or where I would have gone otherwise.

I really appreciated that the court advocate really listened and made sure that everyone listened to what I had to say. I couldn't have done it without her. She is so smart and is not afraid to speak her mind or speak for me in a way that gets the attention that I want in regards to my case.

I am so thankful for [Advocate]. She really cares about her job and cares about the kids that she works with there. I don't feel like they just sat and played with toys. My family really liked her and said that they felt comfortable talking to her. I am glad that they have her support.

I feel fearless. I feel like I have power and I feel that I am not afraid to stand up to my ex anymore. I have the ability to walk into the courthouse and do what I need to do to protect myself and my children. I am confident. I can't thank the staff enough for standing by me and with me in court. I would recommend coming here 100 times over. Living with someone that abuses you is terrible. Without the help, I don't think that I would have escaped.

The Phoenix Project went above and beyond to help me and my kids. Never judged me and never questioned me about anything. I had help for my protective order and with places that I can look into moving to. I needed the help so badly. All I could do was cry. I can smile a little more now that I have their help.

I was scared about court. I have more confidence now. I know that I can do this!
My counselor safety planned with me. Gave me hope. Helped me find ways to reach out to my family and friends to try and re-establish a connection and even help educate them as to why women don't leave

received a lot of resources, daughter had someone she absolutely loved to talk to, I had someone that understood and was compassionate and went out of her way to help me.

counselor very informative and helpful w/ immediate needs.

The ladies were actually really comforting and knowledgeable! AWESOME!

Very understanding staff, knowledgeable of the impacts of abuse, made me feel very supported and understood, very empathetic and sweet.

The people were awesome, I felt welcome and could actually talk about what happened

Willing to meet me w/o appt. Listened and made sure that I did not leave w/ questions.

Everyone was so nice and so helpful. It seemed like everyone stepped in to answer my questions and to help me feel better about being there and about what I was doing. I was so nervous and scared and I really felt alone before talking to them.

The girls there were awesome. Not only does my child get to sit and speak with someone, I am able to meet with the court advocate to talk about my case at the same time! I never feel like I am rushed or that I am not just an appointment.

Staff made me realize no one has to be or is expected to be abused

Every time I go in, I learn something. I come out more confident. I feel like [name] knows the court system better than half the people that work there. She is so helpful.

Just being able to relax

The service they gave me were perfect, the talks made me feel better