Info & Education

It has been said that knowledge is power. Maybe at this point you are only looking for information. Maybe you would like to learn more about domestic and sexual violence and the effects on the lives of victims. Sitting down with someone and being able to ask questions is important. Please call, we can help.

Supportive Counseling

While Phoenix Project staff are not certified counselors we are specially trained in domestic and sexual abuse and its dynamics. We can meet with you to assess your safety, explore options, share ways to heal from the abuse, and most of all listen – listen to you and hear your story.

Support Groups

When experiencing any type of trauma, the need to know you are not alone is very important. Support groups provide an opportunity for survivors to gather together to share their story, give advice, and support one another.

24-Hour Crisis Hotline

If this is an emergency, please call 911. If you are in crisis and need help, Phoenix Project staff are available to take your calls day or night. Simply call our hotline at 540-635-2300. If you are unable to call, the Statewide 24/7 Hotline has a text option which is 804-793-9999. Medical accompaniment available.

Why Are We Here?

We are here to help people learn to choose to stand against domestic and sexual violence.
We are here to listen.
We are here to help all victims of domestic and sexual violence
We are here to discover what domestic 
and sexual violence victims are feeling.
We are here to help these victims identify their options
We are here to discuss with them steps for dealing with domestic
and sexual violence .
We are here to help them discover their own strengths
We are here to help them discover that they can help themselves
We are here to provide support for change

Did you know…

With your gift of $120.00 we can house and provide food for 1 person for one night? Last year we provided 264 nights of shelter. As members of our Purple Ribbon Club your name will be displayed on the website, Facebook Page, and Newsletters.

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Nationwide, 1 in 3 women and 1 in 4 men have experienced some form of physical violence by an intimate partner.