Domestic Violence Is Not Your Fault – Let Us Help

Phoenix Project Mission

Ensuring freedom from all forms of domestic violence through empowerment, education, and community.

Why Are We Here?

  • We are here to help people learn to choose to stand against domestic violence.
  • We are here to listen.
  • We are here to help all victims of domestic violence.
  • We are here to discover what domestic violence victims are feeling.
  • We are here to help these victims identify their options.
  • We are here to discuss with them steps for dealing with domestic violence.
  • We are here to help them discover their own strengths.
  • We are here to help them discover that they can help themselves.
  • We are here to provide support for change.
Join Our Purple Ribbon Club
purple-ribbon-2Did you know with your gift of $120.00 we can house and provide food for 1 person for one night? Last year we provided 264 nights of shelter. As members of our Purple Ribbon Club your name will be displayed on the website, Facebook Page and newsletters.

Latest News

bingo flyer

Bingo Fundraiser

Leap into a FUN TIME & A GREAT CAUSE DATE:  SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2020 TIME: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm PLACE: Elks Lodge, 4038 Guard Hill Road, Front Royal ** Food and drink will be available for purchase** Download flyer here.

Board President Thanks All of Our Supporters

Please take a moment and read a special message from our Board President, Tana Hoffman

Roy Rogers Community Fundraising

Deed Your Family While Supporting a Great Cause. Roy Rogers will donate 25% of the sales that happen between 5-8 PM. Please share this flyer and remember to mention us while you dine. We will be there with some prizes. Download Flyer


Hope and Help for Healing from Unhealthy Relationships

Is your relationship healthy? Have past relationships been healthy? Will your next one be healthy? There is hope and help available for healing from a current or past unhealthy relationship. Come visit one of our groups!  Groups are open to all and free of charge.  Come to talk about some of the reasons why people …