Many volunteer opportunities are available and training is provided.  The amount of training needed depends on the area you would like to volunteer. Whether you want to volunteer on a regular basis or want to help out on events, there is a place for you at Phoenix Project.

Community Cloud - The Value of a Volunteer

Opportunities Include:

  • Hotline Volunteer:  Be trained to answer our hotline and provide victims with the help they need when they need it.
  • Event Support: Help us plan and work events that bring awareness to the community.
  • Fundraising: Have any fundraising ideas you would like to share?  Want to help raise money for this worthy cause?  Many fundraising events will be held.
  • Newsletter: Do you have experience designing a newsletter?  Have time to help address and prepare newsletters for mailings?
  • Brochure Distribution: Want to help raise awareness by delivering and handing out brochures?
  • Transportation:  Provide transportation to clients.
  • Safe House: Have space in your home to house victims until they can get more permanent housing?